Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Super Lameness!

Of course a frickin snow storm came in last night. Ruined my day.

No, I didn't lose my power or wreck my car or have some horrible weather related incident.

But I did meet what seemed to be a pretty awesome guy on the bus on the way in to work Monday morning. And that cute, charming guy wanted to meet me outside my work at 7pm. And then there was a flipping blizzard.

I know his first name and what area he lives in. He knows my name and what building I work in. We didn't exchange phone numbers.

I stayed at work until 7 and walked outside into the snowpocalypse. I looked around, but as I expected, he was nowhere to be seen. I was lucky enough that when I got to my bus stop the 510 was right there waiting for me - as it apparently had been for almost an hour!

So, today I posted ads in Missed Connections and I Saw U. Maybe since he knows where I work and what time I usually get off he'll just magically show up some day next week...hopefully. The conversation was easy, and most importantly there was the little hint of a spark from the moment I sat down next to him. Too bad I didn't meet him on the way home - after a 5 hour bus ride we'd have probably known *everything* about each other!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


So I had my first date with the guy tonight. He doesn't even get a good nickname like every other guy I've had even only one date with. Mainly because he was boring.

He was nice enough, and there weren't really any lulls in the conversation...there just wasn't any chemistry on my side. There was no spark. He was very...plain. He had a pretty bad comb-forward (as in back to front instead of across). He was clearly at least 3" shorter than he said he was. Which, frankly, is really effing annoying. I honestly don't care how tall a guy is - my high school boyfriend was several inches shorter than me. But don't tell me that you're 6'1" and then think I won't be able to figure out you're really 5'11". I'm 5'7" and I was taller than you and I sure as hell wasn't wearing 7" heels!

There were a few points in the conversation where I just realized we were from two different places. At one point I mentioned a guy I know and his partner. He interrupted me and said "Business partner or...partner..............partner?" You could tell he was pretty uncomfortable with a partner partner situation. He also talked about politics and that his only problems with politicians are with their moral issues. Like, the things that bothered him the most about George W. was that he did coke and didn't serve his National Guard time. I'm sorry, but there are a helluva lot more things that went wrong with that administration!

He also doesn't like to dress up for Halloween. Thinks more women should wear miniskirts in Seattle. Has never been inside a Starbucks.

I just felt like we came from two different worlds - he'd make a nice friend but definitely not boyfriend material.

Monday, November 15, 2010


Well this is going to be a short blog tonight because there is a Winter Storm Warning going on right now - my lights are flickering and I definitely want to be offline before the power goes completely out. Plus, I have to wake up at *5AM* tomorrow for work! Craziness! I am definitely going to need a few extra shots of caffeine before my date tomorrow night. That's right, the guy I've been talking with from okcupid and I are going out tomorrow for dinner. I'm feeling pretty positive about it, but do have a few reservations. I'm not used to dating and do have several "quirks" that don't fit in to the modern dating world. (This might be where sissy needs to cover her eyes and say la la la) Basically, when compared to today's single women - I'm a prude. That is, until I'm in a significant relationship. I can honestly say that I've never slept with someone that I didn't love. I'm comfortable in my sexuality and can talk and joke about it freely. However, I've discovered that I have to be very clear with someone I'm dating that "it" just plain isn't going to happen within a set number of dates. It's up to the guy to decide if he wants to wait for me to be ready or isn't that patient and just wants to call it quits. So, that's my worry with this guy. He's already made a few sexual innuendo jokes and I know those are pretty easy to make through email and text so maybe he's just a little too comfortable that way. My dating profile does very clearly state that I am only interested in serious dating and ltr and have zero interest in casual, hopefully it all goes well and he's just trying to break the ice with some not quite inappropriate comments. I mean if we'd known each other in person for this long I would likely be completely comfortable with it and laughed it off. I'm pretty sure it's just because we haven't met in person and I have that little worry about whether he's really looking for someone to settle down with like he says or if he's just a guy looking for a piece of ass.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Just your typical Sunday evening...

You know, discussing with your best friend via text message what musician you'd rather be dry humped by and why. Oh, and by dry humping we meant dancing with. Her pick was Justin Timberlake - she likes his rhythm. Mine, of course, was Caleb Followill - I figure he may have a slow southern rock type of dry humping, but it sure would be nice!

On to better topics ~ So cranky that I skipped the last two nights of NaBloPoMo! However, yesterday I spent 9 hours with my friend Carla and her son Jayson for his engagement party. He's the sweetest guy ever and if he was about 7 years older I would have snatched him up for myself ;) But instead I just try to watch out for him from time to time like he's a little brother. A little brother that likes to freak dance like he's dry humping me lol! (hence the later conversation with my tbff) I'm a little ummm...(how should I say this nicely?)...worried about the engagement. It's beyond a whirlwind romance and he's the kind of guy that could handle (read: put up with) just about anything in a relationship. I got the feeling last night that she was seeing several sides of him that she hadn't before and I'm just hoping that she doesn't break his heart. However, I'll do my best to stay positive - I even pulled her aside and gave a little advise last night - and hope that they can prove everyone who's questioning their day and a half long relationship wrong. Either way, my worry for him is much more focused on the fact that he's headed to Afghanistan - as long as he makes it home safely from there everything else will be cake.
So, I'm seriously considering making an appointment with an ENT specialist to see about having my tonsils removed. This whole tonsil stone situation sucks. It's been annoying all my life but for the last several months it's been much worse - like, an almost daily occurrence. While I know that alone is not a reason to have them removed, I also think they may have an involvement with my sleep apnea since they've been increasing in size. Which means I should probably schedule that appointment with my sleep doctor first and then see what he thinks about it.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Awwww Snap!

Looks like I know where I'll be at 4am two weeks from tomorrow!

Target's Black Friday ad was leaked yesterday! My shopping list is long and I'm determined to get everything on it.

Wii Fit Plus Bundle for $67 - I don't even have a Wii yet but I want one really bad!
Satin PJ's for $10
Sweaters for $9

Plus they always have awesome deals on tons of DVD's and CD's

Still deciding on...

40" LCD HDTV for $298
Sony Blu-Ray player for $99
10pc Kitchenaid nonstick cookset for $100

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

So, honestly, what would you do?

For the last hour I've listened to my next door neighbors yelling off and on. There's been a lot of loud noises and bangs against the wall that have actually shook my pictures. Now, sometimes they have loud parties so for the first while I couldn't tell for sure what was going on. Now I know that they were fighting, and I'm pretty sure those loud bangs were her getting shoved in to the wall. I stood at my front door for awhile listening while she stood outside and he stood in the doorway yelling at her to come look at what she did to the door. I have to admit, it brought back some pretty bad memories. When she yelled back "Why should I come look? No! You're just going to hit me if I come up there!" I opened my door. I asked her if she needed to call someone, and told her that even though my place was a mess she could come in if she wanted. She said she was okay - I knew she was just embarrassed. I told her I've been in her situation before. I understood. He opened the door again and started yelling before he realized I was there. I told him I wasn't trying to get involved - at which point he interrupted me and said "Yeah, I bet you tryin' to sleep huh? Lookit what she did to my door!" and I said that no, actually I just had been in their situation before and the best thing for them to do right now would be to go their separate ways for the night and talk it out tomorrow when they were both calmed down. She made it all the way down the stairs while I was talking and last I saw he was back inside and she was walking out of the parking lot talking on her cell phone.

Now - what would you do?

If I call the cops for a domestic violence situation honestly they won't do much. I should know - when I lived in West Seattle with my ex multiple neighbors called the cops one night on us and since we both said nothing physical happened the cops didn't do anything.

If I complain to the COA since this couple are renters and not homeowners they will likely know it was me (though I suppose it could be the lady that lives below our units). They have a daughter so putting a family out of a home isn't really something I want to do and obviously would have little to no effect on the whole violence issue.

Was my little interruption of advice enough? It did get her out of harms way - at least for tonight. What should I do if it happens again?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Can't Say Much

What's the saying - if you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all? I think for tonight I'll keep my mouth shut and wait until I have more answers. All I know is there needs to be some definite changes in the near future and, as I've always said, you can't expect anything to change if no one else knows anything is wrong.

On a positive note - looks like the guy from the dating site and I are going out for drinks next week!

Monday, November 8, 2010

So far...not so good.

Okay, seriously, I need to start doing something more with this whole losing weight thing. One thing that I want to do is make a list of my breakfast, lunch, and dinner choices and then plan out my week of meals. I think not having ideas already ready for me is part of what ends up with me eating take out or crappy food. If I had a breakfast planned in advance then I probably wouldn't be so tempted by the pastry case at Starbucks. If I had a lunch ready to easily pack it wouldn't end up being a choice of Pamela's (Mac n' Cheese or French Dip), Courthouse (Grilled Cheese, Chix Strips, or Burger), or Westlake (Pizza or Sesame Chicken). If I had a dinner planned with ingredients bought and waiting for me at home it wouldn't be so easy to go to a drive-thru or pick up a frozen pizza. So, for the next couple days I'm going to brainstorm a list of ideas for each meal so I can mix and match them each day. Any thoughts?

Sunday, November 7, 2010


It was downright cold today! The day started sunny and beautiful, but as it went on it was sooo cold. Working at my Sunday job often involves shifts of 20-40 minutes outside. Luckily I can come inside and warm up over the iron between times outside but it can get pretty darn chilly. We're trying to do as much outside work as possible now before winter really starts, especially since they keep saying that this is going to be the worst winter in Seattle in decades. This way we can have extra stock prepared to sew when its snowy out instead of me having to go outside and cut in a blizzard!

Well, that guy emailed me back this morning, I wrote back to him before I went to work, he wrote me back tonight, and I answered him when I got home :) ...I'm thinking after the next round of emails I'll ask if he'd like to meet up this week for coffee or drinks or something. I like to talk a little bit before meeting to have an idea of if we're a good match, but don't want to talk so much that it builds up in to something that can't possibly live up to my expectations.

Time to snuggle under the covers and get some sleep!

Just Another Saturday

I don't really feel like I have much to say tonight...

I finally took my car in to get all the stuff done I've been putting off - oil change, tires rotated, transmission fluid replaced, new air filter, wipers replaced, headlight replaced, brake light replaced, stereo fixed. I took my laptop with me and my flash drive full of orders from work that needed to be prepped :) It ended up being the perfect thing - their wifi was down so if I'd just brought my laptop I would have been bored out of my head. Plus it took the perfect amount of time - I worked on a couple, then talked to my mom for awhile, and I finished up the final set of orders just when the guy came out to tell me everything was ready.

It's my favorite day of the year! Well, maybe third favorite behind Christmas and my's the end of daylight savings which means I get a free extra hour of sleep!!!

I contemplated texting the guy I was talking to last night, but honestly I don't really like to give my phone # to someone without knowing more about them. So, instead I just sent him a short email asking about his work schedule. I didn't want to seem too eager/desperate but I did want him to know that I am interested in talking more and potentially meeting. He did make a few comments during our chat that put me off a little - he said he hoped he hadn't offended me and I said no, because he hadn't, but just that it wasn't a usual subject for a first conversation. I can slightly understand where he was coming from, a lot of the questions they have for you to answer can be pretty out there so it wasn't totally off base. It was something I'd said about myself and put out there in public, so I can't fault him for that.

Well, off to bed - cheers to getting extra z's!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Well that was interesting...

I had kind of a blah day today and was feeling a little depressed on the way home from work tonight. When I checked my email though I had a message from a guy on okcupid! I went online, checked out his profile, and he actually seemed like someone with potential! So, I messaged him back and then continued to look around on the site. After a couple minutes he popped up in a chat window saying hi - we talked for about an hour and a half and he even gave me his phone # before he said goodnight. We'll see where it goes, could be nothing - could be something. As long as he doesn't take me to build-a-bear if we go out then I'm good!

I'm feeling just a little...


It shouldn't take this much work to help someone do their job. It's frustrating and even slightly annoying. When is it time to just give up and let it be? And when does common sense kick in? I know I have high expectations, but I feel like it should be easier than this.

I seriously need to call my doctor. Back in March I went on Yaz to try and help with my PMDD but stopped having my "monthly visit". I still had the physical symptoms though which got worse each month as I went longer and longer without a period. Well, that got a little annoying so a couple months ago I went off the Yaz and everything got back to normal...and my emotional symptoms got right back to where they were before the Yaz too. Seriously, there needs to be some kind of happy medium because feeling like crap emotionally for 10 days of the month really sucks.

I also need to meet with my sleep doctor. Half the time I can't remember to take both doses of my awake medicine. When I only take one I'm uber-tired by 5 or 6. When I take both then here I am awake at 12:45 tired but can't fall asleep. When you're required to get 9 hours of sleep at night it really doesn't work out that well. Lord knows I'll probably only get 6 tops tonight.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

This is from a few months ago in Boston, but since the walk in New York next June is part of what is motivitating my change in taking care of my health I thought they would be perfect for today's theme.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A little bit better

On my quest to eating better and working out more I'm starting with baby steps.

My previous morning drink from Starbucks was a Grande non-fat no-whip peppermint mocha - weighing in at 280 calories and 3g fat.

I've switched to a Grande non-fat no-whip (sometimes *light* whip) hot chocolate - only 240 calories and 2.5g fat

It's a teeny-tiny difference, but it's a step and it's cheaper too. I'm going to try and cut down to not every day after awhile, but it's such a social activity at work and I have so many friends working there as well that it makes it hard to not just stop in every morning. The main thing I need to do is stop buying breakfast at Starbucks! Holy crap have you looked at the nutritional information for their food?? But, somehow, even though I know how many WW points that croissant would cost me it's still so hard to say no when it's staring at me from inside the pastry case.

My other baby steps for today:

  • At lunch I ordered the Grilled Cheese and Tomato Basil soup. I only ate a few bites of the soup and dipped my sandwich in it because the amount of heavy cream in that soup is atrocious!
  • We took a field trip today so I did take a short walk through downtown. Not really exercise, but I moved more than I normally would have.
  • On my way home from work I wanted nothing more than to just drive through a fast food place or pick up a pizza at Little Caesars because I did not want to cook or have to wait to eat. Instead I convinced myself to go to Fred Meyer and pick up a few things and made myself a semi-"nutritious" dinner of chicken tenders on southern biscuits. Again, obviously not the *best* choice of meals but considering my original wants it's much better than what I would have ended up with at Wendy's or Jack In The Box.
  • Drinking more water! I've been realllly bad for the past week on the amount of water I've been drinking. Today I drank 3 bottles so that's 6 servings. Not quite the suggested 8, but again it's all about the baby steps.

Monday, November 1, 2010

A new path for NaBloPoMo!

For the next month I am going to attempt to participate in NaBloPoMo ~ National Blog Posting Month ~ by writing a blog every single damn day! However, instead of my usual subjects of work, love, and random bits of poetry, I'm going to write about my wins and struggles during my first month of getting back in Shape. Today is November 1st. In just over 6 months, May 21st in fact, I will turn 30. I don't want to be this size, weight, or have my physical activity limited by those when my birthday comes. In just 7 months, June 4th, the Out of the Darkness Overnight walk will take place in New York city. I'm determined to participate, and have not yet decided wether I'd like to walk or work on the crew again. Either way, I'd like to have the choice of walking open and that is only possible with shedding weight and getting myself back in shape.

I plan to do my own version of Weight Watchers and am going to start working out on the elliptical. It will take some time to get everything on track and I'm sure I'll have set backs and times where I fall off the path. I just need to keep reminding myself - a U-turn is better than no turn. Or should I say pulling a whippy?