Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Super Lameness!

Of course a frickin snow storm came in last night. Ruined my day.

No, I didn't lose my power or wreck my car or have some horrible weather related incident.

But I did meet what seemed to be a pretty awesome guy on the bus on the way in to work Monday morning. And that cute, charming guy wanted to meet me outside my work at 7pm. And then there was a flipping blizzard.

I know his first name and what area he lives in. He knows my name and what building I work in. We didn't exchange phone numbers.

I stayed at work until 7 and walked outside into the snowpocalypse. I looked around, but as I expected, he was nowhere to be seen. I was lucky enough that when I got to my bus stop the 510 was right there waiting for me - as it apparently had been for almost an hour!

So, today I posted ads in Missed Connections and I Saw U. Maybe since he knows where I work and what time I usually get off he'll just magically show up some day next week...hopefully. The conversation was easy, and most importantly there was the little hint of a spark from the moment I sat down next to him. Too bad I didn't meet him on the way home - after a 5 hour bus ride we'd have probably known *everything* about each other!