Tuesday, November 16, 2010


So I had my first date with the guy tonight. He doesn't even get a good nickname like every other guy I've had even only one date with. Mainly because he was boring.

He was nice enough, and there weren't really any lulls in the conversation...there just wasn't any chemistry on my side. There was no spark. He was very...plain. He had a pretty bad comb-forward (as in back to front instead of across). He was clearly at least 3" shorter than he said he was. Which, frankly, is really effing annoying. I honestly don't care how tall a guy is - my high school boyfriend was several inches shorter than me. But don't tell me that you're 6'1" and then think I won't be able to figure out you're really 5'11". I'm 5'7" and I was taller than you and I sure as hell wasn't wearing 7" heels!

There were a few points in the conversation where I just realized we were from two different places. At one point I mentioned a guy I know and his partner. He interrupted me and said "Business partner or...partner..............partner?" You could tell he was pretty uncomfortable with a partner partner situation. He also talked about politics and that his only problems with politicians are with their moral issues. Like, the things that bothered him the most about George W. was that he did coke and didn't serve his National Guard time. I'm sorry, but there are a helluva lot more things that went wrong with that administration!

He also doesn't like to dress up for Halloween. Thinks more women should wear miniskirts in Seattle. Has never been inside a Starbucks.

I just felt like we came from two different worlds - he'd make a nice friend but definitely not boyfriend material.


~semi-crunchy mama~ said...

I'd never go to the 'Bucks in a perfect world. Their coffee really isn't that good compared to, well, any other place in Seattle.